The Rise and Fall of an Iconic Corporate Giant

  • A Flaw in Marketing and Details

Is the advancement of technology a grand thing or is it bad news? Is human selfishness to blame or corporate greed? Barnes and Noble, has just announced that they will be closing 20 stores per year for the next 10 years. Although claims state the closings are most likely related to the growing popularity of ebooks, there are obvious and other crucial elements that play into this scenario. From a marketing standpoint. How easy is it for people to just sit in Barnes and Noble, get a coffee and read a book without making a purchase? Even I have subconciously done it. I’ve gotten cozy with a few Surfer Magazines and a Caramel Macchiato, and before I knew it I had read all of the magazines; Now having no purpose to purchase them. However Im not the only one guilty of this. I’ve seen others study for the LSATS with books at B&N, the GRE’s, NCLEX, you name it. Is it wrong though? When a book such as this costs $40.00 and up, many would say there’s nothing wrong with this method at all. People would claim, that Barnes and Noble’s downfall is really in and off itself. By having a lax atmosphere, where you can chill back, drink coffee, and socialize; the last purchase you may want to make is an overpriced book that you may very well use only a handfull of times.

  • Smaller & Non-Chain Stores  & The Modernization of Libraries

It’s deeper than this though. Libraries are constantly staying on their A game and keeping up with the Joneses; Ordering the newest books to keep patron numbers on a steady rise. While I used to be employed at a local library, I exprienced this first hand. Patrons would flock to our branch over any bookstore to avoid buying books when they could ususally obtain them free of charge. Parents would go crazy over trying to get their hands on their childs summer reading material. I’d hear statements like, ” I hope you guys have this book, I refuse to pay full price at B & N for a book he/she will likely never touch again. ( Hey who wouldnt want to rent a brand new book for free?)

Not only are libraries a competitor of B & N, but, bookstores that are smaller-midsized and non-corporate have really captured peoples interest over the past decade. Smaller-midsized privately owned bookstores are more homey, better prices, and prefered by most. When people can give their hard earned funds to a local friendly face, rather than losing it to a corporate glutton; You better believe they will, especially in conjunction with our current economical situation. People have become more about  supporting small -midsized businesses. Does this mean we will see a mass populous of small Mom and Pop bookstores popping up like daisies? Probably not. For the most part that dream was buried six feet under with the creation of corporate giants. Ironic, because many small local book stores were put out of business years ago due to the rise and preference of the corporate B & N.

  • The Internet & The Digital Age

Not only are e-books, nooks, and smaller venues the cause of B & N commotion; The internet is a major player. This is not a surprise in the least; In the world of a “Gotta have it now generation.” With everything at our fingertips, not having to leave the comfort of our homes, and for cheaper rates than corporate America stores; Ordering books online is the new way to shop. Amazon and the internet in general have been lurcking in the shadows and threatening to do to the book store industry in for years. It was just a matter of time. VERY similar to what the internet has done to the business of travel agenceis. Fast, easy, and hassel free.

Long Story Short..

 B &N, the strongest opponent and a survivor in the Corporate Giant Bookstore industry is going bust. It’s place at the top of the book market chain for many years, and a  more than a year with no competition, will probably not be salvaged. Currently, B & N cannot even manage to maintain its current stores ; A pretty significant & persuasive sign that the Corporate Giant Bookstore industry is on a slow decline and downward trend that will most likely not turn upwards.



A Well Dressed Man or Big Pimpin?


On my morning commute: I was driving through Woodbury as I do everyday. While on Cooper street, just as I crossed over Broad st, I saw a man. This man was dressed in a soft pink suit, and had a fedora top hat with a feather in it. He also had a cane. I came to one of two conclusions. Either this man was a pimp, or he had impeccably bad taste in fashion. While waiting in a line of traffic the man c

rossed the street and walked by my car. He flashed me a smile. Through my closed window he said, “How much.” as he pointed at the exterior of my car. I said, “sorry the cars not for sale.” He then replyed, ” I wasnt talkin bout the car Snow White.” In that moment, I never wanted traffic to move so badly in my entire life.

My first post…ever. Its kind of a big deal.

I Dont Know How to Tell You This but… Its Kind of a Big Deal, I Started a Blog..

OK, Good morning, or afternoon I should say! After much consideration and suggestions from my friends and family, I have finally decided to start blogging. It seems as if I have many good stories, advice, quotes, FB statuses, and rants to share! I hope youll follow me and join in the conversation.